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ATR-1000 A/B Edge Filler Gl Kit

ATR-1000 A/B Edge Filler Gallon Kit
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Manufacturer: AAR
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Dangerous Goods

ATR1000 A/B is a rigid, light weight (low density) system which is fire retardant and classified "NO BURN" for the stringent requirements of the aerospace and aircraft industries. New technology and space age materials have made possible a weight reduction in applied materials of 30-35%. It is an ideal material for repair and surface finishing of interior composites when OEM regulations must be complied with.

The chemical resistance of ATR1000 is excellent; the system will withstand the cleaning solutions used in routine maintenance. ATR1000 offers the user a smooth, creamy system with high physical properties and less added weight. ATR1000 is non-conductive, has excellent finishing properties and has excellent bonding and filling qualities with fiberglass, SMC, BMC, RIM, FRP, graphite and Kevlar® composites. It withstands vibrations and impact without loss of bond or surface webbing. ATR1000 can be applied by splining, squeegee, spatula or any flat type tool. Once set, it can be finished by mechanical or hand sanding or grinding. Decorative coverings are also workable; ATR1000 does not bleed out. The system can be used in temperatures up to 180ºC (365ºF).