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23T3-10/PC-216 Teflon, BAC 700 #37925 White, 1 Gl Kit

23T3-10/PC-216 Teflon, BAC 700 #37925 White, 1 Gallon Kit
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Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
Inventory Id: 01775
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Dangerous Goods

Two component PTFE-filled, polyurethane anti-chafe air curing coating. Inherently light stable with excellent abrasion resistance and surface lubricity. For use on aircraft control surfaces. Resistant to hydraulic fluids (Skydrol®, Aerosafe, HyJet), aircraft fuel, engine oil, solvents. water and cleaning compounds. Curing Solution PC-216.


Product Meets the Following Specs:

  • BMS 10-86, TY I, GR D
  • DPM 5066, COMP C
  • HMS 15-1218
  • MEP 10-071