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Bonderite (Alodine) 871 TOUCH-N-PREP PENS

Bonderite (Alodine) 871 TOUCH-N-PREP PENS
Availability: 65 in stock
Manufacturer: Henkel
Inventory Id: 00846

Bonderite (Alodine) 871 Touch-N-Prep Coating pens are a non-hexavalent chromium dry-in-place conversion coating designed for use on aluminum and its alloys. The applicator used to deliver this product provides an easy and safe method of repairing bare areas of aluminum surfaces. Alodine 871 is formulated for both bare corrosion protection such as ASTM 921-02 and bonding applications when combined with organic coatings or structural adhesives. Mil spec: MIL-DTL-81706B

Henkel is rebranding and changing the names of many items, including the Alodine 871 pen. The new name is Bonderite M-CF 871 AERO.